Frequent Questions

1.  Are there any up front fees?    

 No.  We will review and analyze the borrowers loan request at our expense and then seek to find an appropriate lender to provide the requested funding .  ONLY after this process and ONLY IF we are able to provide a specific proposal based on the representations made by the borrower will we present the borrower with a proposal and fee agreement wherein the borrower will decide if they want to retain us.

2.  Do we provide loans to individuals?    

Only to the extent we arrange loans  for individuals who seek to acquire a business or commercial property.  

3.  What about Equity and Venture money?   

We do represent hundreds of equity or venture groups that can provide equity funding for start up or developmental stage companies.  This type  of funding is very subjective and we typically will offer to present the funding request to these groups if the prospective client wishes to retain our services.

4.  Can we arrange construction loans?     

Yes.  We represent several lenders who provide construction financing on projects both domestically and internationally.  Sometimes this will be straight debt, equity, or sometimes it may need to involve a combination of debt and equity.

5.  What about acquisitions?    

The most important questions to be asked with respect to acquisition is 

1). the purchase price and 

2). how much capital the buyer can contribute to the transaction.  

In many cases, buyers come to us with no money, expecting us to buy a company for them.  It is possible to obtain 100% financing through a capital raise but even in such cases the client would need to pay for that capital raise  which might require anywhere from 1/10th of 1% of the amount raised up to 1% to 2% of the amount raised on smaller transactions of $1,000,00.00 to $5,000,000.00.    Generally, if we are going to a lender, the buyer will need a minimum of 10%  of the purchase price and sometimes more.  Many times it makes more financial sense to do a fund  raise.  Then, in any cases, the initial funding might require only !/2% to 1% to receive funding for your project. THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION; with  one specific lender that will lend against the "higher" of the purchase price or appraised value and IF a borrower is able to buy a property for $1,000,000.00 that appraises at $2,000,000.00 (which is generally not the case unless the buyer has an option to buy this particular property) then potentially they could also get 100% financing.

6.  If a company can get bank financing but needs money very quickly, can we help?    

Yes.  We have lenders who can close in as little as 7 days under certain circumstances.

7.  Who are the lenders we represent?   

There are over 1000 lender and money sources that we represent including large asset based lending companies like CIT and TEXTRON.  Also, many smaller national, as well as regional asset based lenders and larger international sources, with  specialties  in real estate , equipment, accounts receivable and inventory, hard money bridge lenders, cash flow (also known as mezzanine or sub debt lenders) lenders, equity source of various kinds, groups that provide combinations of debt and equity, some regional banks that are aggressive with certain industries, construction lenders for both domestic and international projects, healthcare lenders, aircraft and ship lenders, providers of import/export financing as well as letter of credit financing, as well a purchase order finance companies, golf course lenders and groups who will discount notes or business mortgages.  Often we will need to combines two or more lenders on a project to provide the necessary funding.  The underlying similarity of all of these sources is that they will fund transactions that traditional lenders, such as banks, will not fund.

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